Oil Spill Fund

New York Environmental Protection and Spill Compensation Fund

The Oil Spill Fund protects our air, soil and water supplies from toxic petroleum spills. Although the Oil Spill Fund plays many roles, its priorities are to:

  • pay for spill clean-up costs when the responsible party (spiller) doesn’t;
  • compensate spill victims for their financial losses when the spiller won’t; and
  • seek reimbursement from spillers for oil spill cleanup costs.

Oil Spill Hotline 1-800-457-7362 

Under New York State law, if you discover an oil spill (including gasoline, kerosene or home heating oil), you should report it within two hours to the 24-hour Spill Hotline.

Oil Spill Damage Claims

If you are the victim of someone else’s oil spill, you may file a damage claim form with the Fund for your financial loss.

How to Make a Claim 
  • Fill out the damage claim form and get your signature notarized.
  • Attach a cover letter explaining what happened.
  • Attach any documents that you think may prove your damages.
  • Mail everything to our address by certified mail.

Other Information