Comptroller DiNapoli's Legislative Program

Since taking office in 2007, Comptroller DiNapoli has proposed legislation to increase accountability and transparency of New York state and local government. These efforts have focused on reforming not only the investment practices of the Common Retirement Fund, the New York State and Local Employees’ Retirement System, the New York Police and Fire Retirement System, but also the State budget process, state procurement practices and school accountability. Comptroller DiNapoli is committed to strengthening New York’s laws to:

  • Ensure accountability, transparency and appropriate spending of taxpayer dollars,
  • Stop fraud and abuse,
  • Improve the effectiveness of government programs, and
  • Protect the interests of New York’s citizens.

Legislative Session 2023–2024

2023 Proposed Legislation:
  • Constitutional Amendment – Passed both houses, A.3776/S.4597 (Conrad/Martinez) – Relates to excluding certain indebtedness for the construction of sewage facilities in determining current local debt limitation.
  • Exclusion of Indebtedness for Sewage Facilities – Signed as Chapter 641 of Laws of 2023, A.5056/S.6940 (Conrad/Martinez) – Relates to extending the exclusion of indebtedness contracted for sewage facilities.
  • Public Posting of Certain Contracts – Passed both houses and vetoed by the Governor, A.7404/S.6941 (Solages/Cooney) – Requires the public posting of certain contracts otherwise subject to prior approval of the comptroller.
  • Protest Procedures – A.7405/S.6942 (McDonald/Cooney) – Provides for bid protest procedures for state agencies and public authorities.

Archived: Legislative Session 2021–2022