Sustainable Investments and Climate Solutions Program

In June of 2019, Comptroller DiNapoli released a Climate Action Plan, which provides a roadmap for the Common Retirement Fund (CRF) to address climate risks and opportunities across all asset classes. A key component of the plan is the creation of a formal Sustainable Investments and Climate Solutions (SICS) program, and an increase of the Fund’s total commitment to the program to $40 billion from the initial $20 billion goal achieved in 2023. Andrew Siwo is the Director of the SICS program and will build on the Fund’s existing commitment by leading the effort to reach the goal over the next decade.

To date, the Fund has made commitments across asset classes including private equity, actively managed public equity strategies, green bonds, clean and green infrastructure funds, as well as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified real estate funds. The Fund also assesses how managers account for ESG (environmental, social, governance)-related risks and opportunities. The Fund set 2040 as its target for reaching net zero emissions. Accelerating the Fund's investments in climate solutions will be essential to achieving the Plan’s goals; the Climate Action Plan Progress Report provides an implementation update.

CRF Sustainability Themes

Resources and Environment

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Climate and environment

Reducing the effects of climate change through low carbon initiatives.


Open hands lifting light bulb

Resource efficiency

Making the most of available natural resources.



Trash can with recycling logo

Pollution and waste management

Minimizing pollution and improving conditions for local communities.



Human Rights & Social Inclusion

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Improving the quality of and access to education, particularly for underserved groups.


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Demographic empowerment

Ensuring access for diverse groups among critical decision-making bodies.


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Health and wellbeing

Improving conditions to support human health, nutrition, and quality of life.



Economic Development


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Financial inclusion

Expanding access to banking, credit, and other vital financial services for underserved populations.


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Sustainable infrastructure

Funding infrastructure that expends economic opportunity and meets standards for environmental management.



Affordable housing

Creating equal housing opportunity for low-income families and communities that are chronically underserved.


Please send any individual inquiries regarding the Sustainable Investments and Climate Solutions (SICS) program to [email protected].