Adult-Use Cannabis Tax Revenue and Retail Dispensaries in New York State

All counties and New York City are eligible to receive adult-use cannabis (AUC) tax revenue from the sale of AUC products sold within their jurisdiction. OSC has developed an interactive map (see below) that displays the location of each AUC retail dispensary by county as well as the total amount of AUC tax revenue received by local governments to date, broken out by revenue received by New York City and the rest of the State.

The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) is responsible for making payments to counties and New York City, while counties are responsible for distributing a percentage of AUC tax revenue to cities, towns and villages that host a retail AUC dispensary within the county. OSC maintains a website to help local governments navigate the AUC tax revenue process, including how to record this relatively new revenue source.

Adult Use Cannabis Maps