The Academy Charter School - Credit Card Expeditures (2019M-80)

Issued Date
September 06, 2019

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Audit Objective

Determine whether the Board ensured that credit card charges were adequately supported and were for legitimate purposes.

Key Findings

  • School officials did not comply with their written credit card procedures.
  • 119 purchases totaling $36,329 (of 641 credit card transactions tested, totaling $216,882) had no receipts attached to the claims.
  • 39 receipts in our test, totaling $25,342, were not itemized to show the nature or purpose of the purchase.
  • The Board approved 27 meal purchases, totaling $5,790, for payment without adequate supporting documentation.

Key Recommendations

  • Ensure officials are aware of credit card procedures, and monitor and enforce compliance.
  • Ensure that all credit card charges are adequately supported and necessary before approving payments.
  • Ensure that credit card users include a list of officials in attendance for meal expenditures along with itemized receipts and documentation of why the meal was necessary.

School officials generally agreed with our recommendations and indicated they have taken, or planned to take, corrective action.