Lansing Fire District – Investment Program (2023M-62)

Issued Date
September 01, 2023

Audit Objective

Determine whether Lansing Fire District (District) officials developed and managed a comprehensive investment program.

Key Findings

District officials did not develop and manage a comprehensive investment program.

  • The Board of Fire Commissioners (Board) did not develop and adopt a comprehensive written investment policy as required by New York State General Municipal Law Section 39.
  • The District earned interest totaling approximately $9,000 from the District’s savings account, which had an average daily balance of approximately $3.8 million during the audit period. However, the District could have earned approximately $70,000, or $61,000 more had officials used other available investment options.
  • Officials did not consider other legally permissible investment options or formally solicit interest rate quotes that may have resulted in higher interest earnings.

Key Recommendation

  • Develop, adopt and implement a comprehensive investment program and the required investment policy.

District officials generally agreed with our findings and indicated they have begun to initiate corrective action.