Vendor File Advisory No. 11

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Bureau of State Expenditures
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Selecting the Correct Vendor Location in SFS


It is important that agencies select the correct vendor Location for each transaction in SFS. This will ensure the State does business with the vendor according to the vendor’s logistical preferences, including purchase orders going to the correct address and voucher payments to the correct bank account or address.

The “Location” section of the Vendor Record contains business values defined by the vendor. Although a vendor must designate one Location as a “default” Location, agencies should not assume the default is the correct Location for each individual transaction. Instead, agencies must review and select the appropriate Location for each transaction, based on the vendor’s preference.

If the agency is unsure of which Location to choose for the transaction, agency staff must communicate with the vendor to determine the appropriate Location prior to processing the transaction.


For more information, please refer to Guide to Financial Operations (GFO), Chapter X, Section 4.D - Location