Vendor File Advisory No. 4

Vendor File Advisory
Office of Operations
Bureau of State Expenditures
Advisory Name
Prompt Vendor Registration
Date Issued
Date Last Updated


Agency help is needed to ensure prompt vendor registration.


New York State agencies are responsible for or can assist with two critical registration processes that if done timely will benefit both agencies and vendors. These are: First, as soon as your agency has decided to do business with a vendor, begin the vendor add process. This will allow contracts and purchase orders to be entered and payments to be made. Second, strongly encourage vendors to register promptly for e-Supplier. This will allow vendors direct, 24-7 access to needed information regarding their invoices and payments without having to contact agencies or SFS. Vendors not on e-Supplier will not have direct access to this information. Attention to both processes, but especially registration with e-Supplier, will create a smooth experience for both agencies and vendors doing business with NYS.


Guide to Financial Operations, Chapter X, Section 3 - Vendor Registration and Vendor Self-Service Login Guide.