Vendor File Advisory No. 7

Vendor File Advisory
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Bureau of State Expenditures
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Supplier Updates
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Changes to Supplier registration and forms and Supplier Self-Serve Portal coinciding with the 2017 SFS Updates


Guide to Financial Operations (GFO), Chapter X, Section 4.A - Vendor Classification


The Office of the New York State Comptroller will be updating our policy and procedures regarding vendor creation and maintenance in the Statewide Financial System (SFS). The SFS will be implementing changes in support of these policy and procedure changes effective in 2017 as described below. These changes include updates to the Vendor Self-Service Portal, vendor registration process, and vendor forms.

  1. Vendor Self-Service Portal - Winter Update
  • Vendors will be able to enroll directly through the Portal for direct deposit, eInvoicing and emailed purchase orders.
  • Vendors will also be able to use the Portal to self-certify as a small business as defined in the 15-day prompt payment legislation in State Finance Law Sec 179-f.
  • Vendor forms and OSC webpages will be updated to reflect the Portal as the preferred method of updating vendor information and enrolling in programs (e.g., direct deposit).
  1. Vendor Registration - FYE Update Beginning April 1, 2017, agencies will be required to:
    • Identify and record a “classification” for new vendors. This classification should reflect the type of business relationship the vendor has with the State. Each vendor can have only one classification. See the GFO, Chapter X, Section 4.A - Vendor Classification for more detail.
    • Enter an ordering address and with an email address for new vendors classified as “procurement suppliers” at which they will receive purchase orders. This is in addition to a physical address for purchase orders in the event the email address fails.
    • Enter the Primary contact person’s email address for all vendors. As a reminder, this individual should be the person who makes legal and financial decisions for the vendor.
  2. Vendor Forms - FYE Update The following forms will be updated to reflect the need to collect the information to register a vendor as described in Item 2, above:
    • AC 3237-S New York State Substitute Form W-9
    • AC 3267-S Foreign Vendor Registration Request

The Vendor Management Unit will provide further resources for agencies and vendors regarding these updates.

Additionally, agencies should continue to encourage suppliers to use the self-service portal rather than call agency staff to obtain information on payments.