Payroll Improvement Project Bulletin No. PIP-001

Changes to the PayServ Master File (NHRP501) Layout
Date Issued
October 8, 2019


The purpose of this bulletin is to provide agencies with the updated layout for the Master File.


Agencies that use the Master File generated from PayServ will need to make changes to their system processes.


The Payroll Improvement Project will upgrade PayServ to PeopleSoft 9.2; as a result, changes are being made to accommodate the new functionality. Agencies that use the Master File in their internal systems will be required to make programmatic changes in order to process the file.

Effective Date(s)

Project Go-Live will be Summer 2020.

OSC Actions

OSC will provide test files to agencies in Spring 2020. Additional bulletins will be issued regarding testing details.

Agency Actions

Agencies must review the new file layout provided and prepare modifications to affected systems. Agencies are expected to participate in file testing in Spring 2020.


Questions may be directed to the Payroll Improvement Project mailbox.

Please include this bulletin number in the subject line of all emails pertaining to this bulletin.