Payroll Improvement Project Bulletin No. PIP-002

Changes Related to the Reserve EMPLID Process in the 9.2 Upgrade
Date Issued
January 16, 2020
Status Date
February 12, 2021


The purpose of this bulletin is to inform agencies of changes to the Reserve EMPLID process for online transactions, the Automated Interface (AI) Load File (NHRP573), and the AI Feedback File (NHRP574) due to the PayServ 9.2 upgrade.

Affected Agencies

Agencies that reserve EMPLIDs online and on the AI File are affected.

Effective Dates

The changes are effective as of the Payroll Upgrade 9.2 Go Live on March 15, 2021.


The Payroll Improvement Project will upgrade PayServ to PeopleSoft version 9.2. In version 9.2, the custom Reserve EMPLID process will be replaced by delivered Person of Interest (POI) functionality. This will result in changes to both the online and AI processes.

To accommodate the new POI functionality, the following fields will be required online and on the AI file:

Department ID
First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth*

* Fields marked with an asterisk are newly required and must be populated in order to reserve an EMPLID.

It is not acceptable to enter incorrect data into these fields to complete the transaction.

The AI will have a new Record Action of POI.

The following three fields will no longer be used in version 9.2 and should be left blank:

  • FAS Code
  • NY Ext Serv Ind
  • Temp Assign

The following AI file layouts have been updated to reflect the changes for 9.2:

NHRP573 AI Load File

NHRP574 AI Feedback File

OSC Actions

OSC will provide a testing schedule in January 2020. Agencies that are ready to test the updated AI files before the schedule is released should email the Payroll Improvement Project mailbox to determine whether early testing can be accommodated.

Agency Actions

Agencies must review the new file layouts provided and update internal systems as needed.

Agencies must also participate in file testing.


Questions may be directed to Organizational Change Management team at the Payroll Improvement Project mailbox. Please reference Bulletin PIP-002 in the Subject line of all emails pertaining to this bulletin.