Payroll Improvement Project Bulletin No. PIP-003.1

Payroll Improvement Project – PS Query Updates and Migration
Date Issued
July 6, 2020
Status Date
February 12, 2021


The purpose of this bulletin is to notify agencies of the process for updating and designating queries to be included in the upgrade migration.

Affected Employees

All PS Query users are affected.

Effective Dates

Query designation and renaming must be completed by January 25, 2021. The migration will be effective at Go Live on March 15, 2021.


OSC is preparing to upgrade PayServ from PeopleSoft version 9.1 to version 9.2. PS Query will be updated as part of the upgrade.

Existing PS Query Locked Queries will be updated, tested, and migrated to version 9.2 by OSC.

Agency queries designated by agency users will be migrated to version 9.2 but will not be tested and updated by OSC. Agencies will have the opportunity to test their designated queries in a test database prior to Go Live as some of the queries may not work in version 9.2 and will need to be updated. It is the responsibility of query users to test their queries during Agency Testing and Training and update as necessary after Go Live.

An updated Query Data Dictionary* listing PayServ version 9.2 fields including a crosswalk of version 9.1 and version 9.2 fields will be provided to help agencies update their queries.

Users must follow the instructions in the Guidelines for Renaming Queries section below to rename and assign a priority to each query designated for migration.

* A bulletin will be issued when the updated Query Data Dictionary is available.

Agency Actions – Payroll Officers

Payroll Officers must review this bulletin and distribute to all query users in their agency.

Agency Actions – Query Users

Query users must review all of their agency’s queries and designate those queries they would like migrated in the upgrade. Any queries that users would like to bring forward must be renamed according to the Guidelines for Renaming Queries below. Updates must be completed by January 25, 2021 for queries to be included.

Queries that have been renamed will be migrated. During Agency Testing and Training query users must test and practice updating their queries using the information provided in the updated Query Data Dictionary and crosswalk. If additional assistance is required, the agency must email the Query Help mailbox for assistance. Queries designated as Critical will receive first priority.

The PS Query renaming phase must be completed on or before January 25, 2021.

Guidelines for Renaming Queries

The naming convention for queries that will be migrated to version 9.2 will be comprised of a prefix, the existing descriptive name, and a suffix, i.e.:

Query Name

Prefix Q92_ – The prefix, including the underscore, must appear before the body of the query name.

Existing Query Name – The existing query name should remain unchanged whenever possible. Some query names may have to be modified to accommodate the prefix and still meet the 30 character limit on query names.

Suffix – The suffix represents the priority assigned to the query, according to the following criteria:

  • _P1: Critical priority; indicates the query is required to accurately produce or verify [i.e., audit] significant portions of every payroll. 
  • _P2: Medium priority; indicates the query is important for use in post-payroll activities or is used on a less frequent, periodic basis [e.g., monthly or quarterly].
  • _P3: Low priority; indicates the query is run occasionally, and is not used to produce or verify payroll, or in regular post-payroll activities.

Query users must review all queries that they run. Determine which, if any, queries will be needed after the upgrade. For any query that is needed, rename the query by adding the prefix “Q92_” and suffix (P1, P2, or P3) and save it.

OSC Actions

OSC will take the following actions:

During Agency Testing and Training

  • Provide an updated Query Data Dictionary.
  • Provide an updated Locked Generic Queries listing.
  • Review Query Requests.

Upon the upgrade Go-Live to PayServ version 9.2:

  • Update, test, and migrate all Locked Queries.
  • Migrate all agency-identified/renamed queries.


Questions regarding this bulletin or the query upgrade procedures may be emailed to the Payroll Improvement Project mailbox. Please reference Bulletin No. PIP-003.1 or “Query” in the Subject line of the email.