Payroll Improvement Project Bulletin No. PIP-006

Payroll Improvement Project – Agency Timeline
Date Issued
November 18, 2020


The purpose of this bulletin is to notify agencies of the timeline for activities that will impact agencies related to the Payroll Improvement Project.

Affected Employees

All agency PayServ users are affected.


OSC is preparing to upgrade PayServ from PeopleSoft version 9.1 to version 9.2. This will include and affect agencies in various ways. The three major areas of agency participation and/or impact are Agency Testing and Training, Agency File Interface Testing, and Project Go Live.

Effective Dates

All timelines contained in this bulletin are effective immediately; dates related to specific activities are discussed below.



Agency Testing and Training:  December, 7 – 18, 2020

Agency File Interface Testing:  December, 7 – 18, 2020

Project Go-Live:  February 10, 2021 at Noon

Agency Training and Testing

Agencies must dedicate time to participate in training and testing December 7 - December 18, 2020. Job aids and other PayServ materials will be provided to assist in understanding system changes and entering transactions. Testers will sign-in to the 9.2 test environment to complete normal payroll processing required to produce a paycheck, including hiring, setting up benefits and deductions, job transactions, time entry, file transfers, queries, and auditing. Detailed information, including a schedule, will be provided before testing begins.

Agency File Interface Testing

Informal master file and Automated Interface (AI) testing is underway and will continue until the beginning of the formal testing period. Agencies ready to process master files should request them by emailing the Payroll Improvement Project mailbox. Agencies ready to submit test AI files should email the Payroll Improvement Project mailbox to coordinate details and dates for transmitting files.

In addition to these informal by-request test files, OSC will conduct formal interface testing with agencies between December 7 and 18, 2020, during Agency Testing and Training.

Project Go Live

PayServ will be unavailable from noon February 10 – 15, 2021

Cutover and conversion will take approximately 5 days. Shortened cycles will be required prior to Go Live, and agencies will be unable to access PayServ and PS Query during this time. Go Live activities are scheduled to begin February 10, 2021. PayServ is expected to be open for agency use February 15, 2021. Updated submission schedules and more detailed information on cutover activities will be provided throughout the winter.


Questions regarding this bulletin or any aspect of the project may be directed to the Payroll Improvement Project mailbox. Please reference Bulletin No. PIP-006 in the Subject line of the email.