Payroll Improvement Project Bulletin No. PIP-008

What is Changing in PayServ Version 9.2
Date Issued
December 3, 2020
Status Date
January 27, 2021
February 12, 2021
March 11, 2021


The purpose of this bulletin is to provide details on changes resulting from the upgrade of the PayServ system to PeopleSoft version 9.2.

Affected Employees

All PayServ users are impacted by these changes. Specific changes may also impact certain State employees.


The Office of the State Comptroller is upgrading PayServ to PeopleSoft version 9.2 with an expected Go Live date of March 15, 2021. In order to reduce customizations, improve processing, and address stakeholder concerns, a variety of changes are planned as part of the upgrade. Agencies will have the opportunity to see these changes firsthand in December 2020 during Agency Testing and Training to become familiar with them in advance of the upgraded system going live.

Effective Dates

All changes described in this bulletin will be effective at Go Live on March 15, 2021.

General Changes

User Interface

The look and feel of PeopleSoft version 9.2 is slightly different from the existing 9.1 version. There will be visual differences in the rendering of pages and fields. Users will also see more delivered fields in version 9.2. Most of these fields will not be editable.


Navigation has been simplified for PayServ 9.2. Pages will no longer be duplicated with parenthetic “(Agency)” and “(OSC)” designations but will be the same page (e.g., agencies and OSC will not navigate to “Job Data (Agency)” and “Job Data (OSC)” but will simply go to the “Job Data” page; the information displayed will be determined by the user’s access). Refer to Payroll Bulletin PIP-005 – Navigation Changes, for detailed information on navigation changes.


All active Job and Empl records in PayServ will be converted to 9.2. All Job and Empl records for employees terminated in the last five years (01/01/2015 or later) will be converted to 9.2. Active records will have a conversion row added with Action/Reason “DTA/CNV” and inactive records will have a conversion row added with Action/Reason “DTA/CVP.” Historical data will be available on fields retained in 9.2, but not on custom fields eliminated during the upgrade.

Compensation Rate Code

The Pay Basis Code field is being removed. Comp Rate Code will replace Pay Basis Code. Pay Basis code data will be converted to the Comp Rate Code field.

Primary Job Indicator

Each employee must have a Primary Job, but may only have one Primary Job per Company. Several version 9.2 processes, including General Deductions, rely on having accurate Primary Job information. The Primary Job indicator on the Job record will be visible but grayed out (not editable) for agencies. A program will run daily to correct employees without Primary Jobs or who have multiple Jobs marked Primary.

Mail Drop

In 9.2, Mail Drop will be maintained on the Employment Data page on the Job record. Agencies must enter Mail Drop on this page. Mail Drop will appear on the Payroll Options page, but it will be blank and will not be editable.

Other Information

During conversion, the following changes will be made:

  • EMPL RCD field will be dropped from all Direct Deposit records.
  • Primary Job Paygroup will be based on the Primary Job at conversion.
  • Paycheck options, including address information, will be based on the Primary Job at conversion.

Direct Deposit

In version 9.2, the Employee Record (Empl Rcd) can no longer be attached to an employee’s Direct Deposit record. Every employee will have only one Direct Deposit record upon conversion to version 9.2. For employees with multiple jobs, all payroll deposits will be made according to the single Direct Deposit record for all jobs.

This change will only impact employees with multiple jobs, who are paid via direct deposit in any job, and whose direct deposit distributions differ between jobs. These employees must select one job’s Direct Deposit record prior to conversion to be brought forward in version 9.2, or update their direct deposit distributions in each job to match exactly.

Agencies are responsible for updating direct deposit elections for affected employees. Refer to Payroll Bulletin PIP-007 – Direct Deposit Record Changes Requiring Modifications to Employee Elections.

Information on updates to locked query LQ_DDP_AUDIT_DD_ENTRIES, an updated AC2772 Direct Deposit form, and a new locked query for direct deposit review will be covered in detail in Payroll Bulletin PIP-015, Direct Deposit Updated Business Process and Form.


Add a Person

The Hire (Agency) page will no longer be available in version 9.2; instead, users will navigate to Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Add a Person. The information required to hire will be the same.

Add Employment Instance

The Add Concurrent Job (Agency) page will no longer be available in version 9.2; instead, users will navigate to Workforce Administration > Job Information > Add Employment Instance. The information required to add a concurrent job will be the same.

Person of Interest

The Reserve EMPLID process will require more personal data in version 9.2. For agencies who reserve EMPLIDs online, Add a Person will be used to enter personal data and add an organizational relationship to the person. To reserve an EMPLID, agencies will select Reserve Emplid when a Person record is created. For agencies who reserve EMPLIDs using the Automated Interface (AI), there are additional changes to the Record Action used.

For more information on these changes, refer to Payroll Bulletin PIP-002, Changes Related to the Reserve EMPLID Process in the 9.2 Upgrade.

New EmplIDs may not be reserved from March 5 through March 16, 2021. EmplIDs that were reserved before March 5 but not associated to a Job record by March 10, 2021 will not be brought forward into version 9.2. A search in version 9.2 for an EmplID that has been reserved but not assigned before cutover began, will return no results. If a hire is submitted through AI in version 9.2 for an EmplID that was reserved and not assigned before cutover began, a new EmplID will be assigned and returned in the feedback file.

Pension Plans

Retirement Plans (except for ORP/VDC) will be migrated to Pension Plans in version 9.2. Data will be converted from existing records into Pension Plans (Benefits > Enroll In Benefits > USA-Pension Plans). There will be changes to the Retirement Plan Types and Benefit Plans. Specific crosswalks and information about these changes are covered in detail in Payroll Bulletin PIP-010, Changes to Pension Plans in PayServ 9.2.

Savings Plans

ORP, VDC, and 403(b) plans will be migrated to Savings Plans in version 9.2. Data will be converted from existing records into Savings Plans (Benefits > Enroll In Benefits > Savings Plans). The 7Z – TIAA/CREF Plan Type will be updated to 4Z – Optional Retirement Plan (VDC) and there will be changes to Benefit Plans. All 403(b) deductions will be converted to Savings Plans and appear on the Savings Plans page as Plan Type 46 – 403(b). Specific crosswalks and detailed information about these changes will be covered in detail in Bulletin PIP-011, Changes to Savings Plans in PayServ 9.2.

General Deductions

General Deductions (except 403(b)) will be converted and moved from the Create General Deductions Page to the General Deduction Data Page (Main Menu > Payroll for North America > Employee Pay Data USA > Deductions > General Deduction Data) for employees that are converted. There will be new deduction codes for ORP and VDC contributions, employee arrears, employer arrears, employee interest, and employer interest; these changes are described in Bulletin PIP-011, Changes to Savings Plans in PayServ 9.2.

Request Stop Payment

The AC3340 Request for Payroll Check Stop Payment Form will no longer be a paper form, but will be submitted using Forms functionality in PayServ. A request for stop payment will be accessed in Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing USA > Produce Payroll > Request Stop Payment. When creating a Request for Payroll Check Stop Payment, the user will have to enter the Paycheck Number, their own phone number and email address, and select the Reason for Request. There will also be an opportunity to enter comments. When the form is submitted, it will be routed to OSC Payroll for processing. Saved and Submitted forms can be reviewed by clicking the Find an Existing Value Tab in Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing USA > Produce Payroll > Request Stop Payment. Once processed, the form will be accessible to the agency via their Worklist (Worklist > Worklist). Denied forms can be edited and resubmitted as needed.

Instructions for using the Request Stop Payment form will be available in PayServ 9.2 on the Request Stop Payment page and will be included in the online PayServ manual.

Automated Interface

The Reserve EMPLID process will change in 9.2. More personal data will be required to reserve an EMPLID in 9.2 and there are changes to the Record Action used. For more information on these changes, including updated AI file layouts, refer to Payroll Bulletin PIP-002 - Changes Related to the Reserve EMPLID Process in the 9.2 Upgrade.

Master File

There are several changes to the Master File in 9.2, including dropped fields, new fields, and field position changes. Detailed information on Master File changes, including the updated file layout, can be found in Payroll Bulletin PIP-001 - Changes to the PayServ Master File (NHRP501) Layout.


Locked Queries

Locked queries will be brought forward to 9.2. Locked queries have been updated and tested to ensure they continue to function correctly in 9.2. The Locked Query Inventory will be updated as necessary. Agencies do not need to take any action to retain or update locked queries, though agencies may use locked queries during Agency Testing and Training.

Agency Queries

Agencies are required to rename any queries they use with a prefix and suffix in order to ensure they are migrated to 9.2. At Go Live, any query that was not renamed according to instructions provided will be deleted. Queries are not recoverable once they have been removed.

Detailed information about query renaming and deletion is available in Payroll Bulletin PIP-003 - Payroll Improvement Project – PS Query Updates and Migration.

Job Aids and Other Materials

Job Aids and supplemental materials have been prepared to facilitate a smooth transition to 9.2. Many of the materials will replace 9.1 versions after Go Live, but will also be made available in advance to assist in testing. A full list of materials, with links to each item, will be available on the Bulletin Board of the testing environment. It will include the following items:


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Improvement Project mailbox. Please include “Bulletin PIP-008” in the Subject line of the email.