Payroll Improvement Project Bulletin No. PIP-010

Changes to Pension Plans in PayServ 9.2
Date Issued
December 4, 2020
Status Date
February 12, 2021


The purpose of this bulletin is to inform users of changes to Retirement Plans in PayServ 9.2.

Affected Employees

PayServ users entering or reviewing employees’ retirement information are affected.

Records for all employees (1) who have active Retirement Enrollment records and (2) who are active or who were terminated after January 1, 2015 will be converted at Go Live.


The Office of the State Comptroller is upgrading PayServ to PeopleSoft version 9.2. A variety of changes are planned as part of the upgrade including changes to the navigation and page used to maintain employees’ enrollment in Public Employee Retirement systems, and changes to Plan Types and Benefit Plan Types. Moving 9.1 Retirement Plans to the USA-Pension Plans page in v 9.2, as well as updating and consolidating Plan Types and Benefit Plans, will eliminate customizations and improve processing.

Effective Dates

All changes for 9.2 are effective at Go Live, scheduled for March 15, 2021.

Conversion Changes

Plan Type

Plan Types in v 9.2 will be two digit numeric codes. Plan Types for existing records will be updated during conversion, except for Plan Type 7R (No Retirement Option). Records for Plan Type 7R will not be converted, and there will be no equivalent value in v 9.2. The Retirement Plans Crosswalk lists each 9.1 Plan Type and the 9.2 equivalent Plan Type.

Benefit Plan

Benefit Plans in v 9.2 are consolidated to 12 unique Benefit Plans (from 27 in v 9.1). The Benefit Plans Crosswalk lists each 9.1 Benefit Plan and the 9.2 equivalent Benefit Plan.

Other Data

Data from the Retirement Plans page will be converted to the USA-Pension Plans page. With the exception of Retirement Plan Type and Benefit Plan, the values should be the same as they were in v 9.1.

USA-Pension Plans

Navigation Change

Pension enrollment information will be accessed in v 9.2 at Benefits > Enroll In Benefits > USA-Pension Plans. Users must use this page to create and update enrollments for all retirement plans except for the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) and the Voluntary Defined Contribution Plan (VDC). ORP/VDC plans will be maintained separately in v 9.2. Refer to Payroll Bulletin PIP-014, ORP/VDC Arrears Deductions for details on those plans.

Entering Pension Plans

When it is necessary to enroll an employee in a pension plan, agencies must navigate to the USA-Pension Plans page and fill in the following information for the employee’s pension enrollment:

  • Plan Type (new values)
  • Deduction Begin Date
  • Election Date
  • Coverage Election – Elect, Waive, or Terminate
  • Registration Number
  • Benefit Plan (new values)
  • Election Options - Option Code
  • Election Options - Percent

Agency Actions

Upon Go Live, agencies must use the new USA-Pension Plans page for enrolling employees in pension plans and for reviewing pension information.

Agencies must stop entering records for Retirement Plan 7R (No Retirement Option) as soon as possible.

Agencies must test and update any PS Queries they run that refer to the Retirement Plan record and field to use the Pension Plans record and fields.


Any questions related to this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Improvement Project mailbox. Please include “Bulletin No. PIP-010” in the Subject line of the email.