State Police Bulletin No. SP-217

April 2021 Increase to 8 Year Seniority Pay for State Police Represented by the New York State Police Investigators and Senior Investigators (NYSPIA)
Date Issued
April 1, 2021


The purpose of this bulletin is to inform the Division of State Police of OSC’s automatic processing and provide instructions for payments not processed automatically.

Affected Employees

Employees of the Division of State Police in the State Police Investigators Unit (BCI) – BU62 who meet the eligibility criteria are affected.


Chapter 337 of the Laws of 2019 implements the 2018-2023 Agreement between New York State and NYSPIA and provides for an increase to the bi-weekly 8 Year Seniority Payment amount effective April 1, 2021 for Investigators and Senior Investigators in Bargaining Unit 62.

Effective Dates

The April 2021 Increase to the 8 Year Seniority Pay will be processed in Administration Pay Period 1L, paychecks dated 04/28/2021.

Eligibility Criteria

Employees in Bargaining Unit 62 who are currently receiving the bi-weekly 8 Year Seniority Payment as of the effective date of the payment and have a Payroll Status of Active, Leave With Pay, or Leave of Absence/MLS (Mil Stip), Leave of Absence/MTS (Military Training Stipend), or Leave of Absence/MLL (Mil lv) 04/01/2021 (Administration) are eligible for the April 2021 increase to the payment.

Employees in BU 62 who are not currently eligible to receive the 8 Year Seniority Payment will become eligible upon attainment of eight years of service in the Division of the State Police.

OSC Actions

OSC will automatically insert a row to update the Additional Pay page with an effective date of 04/01/2021 and increase the amount from $1,200 to $1,519 for all employees in BU62 receiving the Seniority Pay 8 Year.

Earnings Code: S08
Effective Date: 04/01/2021 (Administration)
OT Eff Date: Same as Effective Date
Annual Addl Earnings: $1,519

OSC will automatically update any eligible subsequent rows.

Agency Actions

To pay the increase to 8 Year Seniority Payment to eligible employees not processed automatically or who return from and authorized leave of absence, or to make the payment to newly eligible employees the agency must submit the following information on the Additional Pay page using the appropriate Earnings Code S08 – Seniority Pay 8 Year:

Earnings Code: S08
Effective Date: Date Employee Becomes Eligible
OT Eff Date: Same as Effective Date
Annual Addl Earnings: $1,519
Earnings End Date: Leave Blank
Goal Balance Leave Blank

The State Police bi-weekly, 8 Year Seniority Payment is included in the calculation of overtime compensation (refer to the Online Payroll Manual accessed from the PayServ Bulletin Board – Payroll Manuals > Earnings Manual > Time Entry Payments > Overtime Compensation).

Control-D Reports Available After Processing

The following Control-D report will be available after processing of the automatic increase:

NHRP703 Mass Salary Additional Pay Report

This report identifies all employees receiving an automatic increase to 8 Year Seniority Pay (S08). Fields on this report include EmplID, Employee Record Number, Employee Name, Earn Code, Grade, Salary Plan, Bargaining Unit, and Additional Pay Amount.

Tax Information

The State Police bi-weekly 8 Year Seniority Payment is taxable income, will be included in the employee’s taxable gross and is subject to all employment and income taxes.

Payroll Register and Employee’s Paycheck/Advice

The appropriate Earnings Code and the amount paid will be displayed on the Payroll Register. The appropriate Earnings Description and the amount paid will appear on the employee’s paycheck stub or direct deposit advice.

S08 Seniority Pay 8 Year

If more than 13 earnings codes appear on the paycheck stub or direct deposit advice for these employees, agencies should utilize Locked Query LQ_PCD_ARCHIVED_EE_PAYSTUB to identify a complete list of all regular earnings.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Earnings mailbox.