State Police Bulletin No. SP-237

Separation of PBA Insurance Deduction Code 545
Date Issued
October 20, 2023


The purpose of this bulletin is to notify agencies of the separation of Deduction Code 545 into three deduction codes.

Affected Employees:

Members of the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) who elect PBA Short Term Disability, PBA Critical Illness, or PBA Accident insurance will notice a change in the way their deduction(s) appear on their paystub or direct deposit advice statement.


On August 8, 2023, the NYS Troopers PBA requested the creation of two new deduction codes to enable the separation of the below three insurances currently being withheld from employee paychecks under deduction code 545, PBA Short Term Disability:

  • Short Term Disability
  • Critical Illness
  • Accident

Effective Dates:

This bulletin is effective immediately.

OSC Actions:

OSC has established two new deduction codes for the following insurance types:  

  • Deduction Code 561: NYSPBA Critical Illness Ins
  • Deduction Code 562: NYSPBA Accident Insurance

Deduction Code 545 continues to be used for PBA Short Term Disability.

The PBA will submit all transactions via electronic file for enrollments, cancellations, and/or changes on a biweekly basis, using the appropriate deduction code for the insurance(s) selected by the employee.  Agency update access is not available for these deductions.

Agency Actions:

The agency should notify affected employees that their paystub and/or advice will reflect the new deduction code(s).


To obtain information about enrollment and benefits provided or to cancel the deduction(s), employees may contact the Police Benevolent Association of the New York State Troopers, Inc. at (518) 462-7448.

Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deduction mailbox.