Department of Transportation Bulletin No. DOT-32

2018 Call-Out Response Payment for Fiscal Year 2017-2018
Date Issued
April 26, 2018


To provide the Department of Transportation instructions for processing the 2018 Call-Out Response Payment.

Affected Employees

Employees of the Department of Transportation in the Operational Services Unit – BU03 who meet the eligibility criteria


Chapter 165 of the Laws of 2017, which implemented the 2016-2021 Agreements between the State of New York and the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA), provides for a call-out response payment to eligible employees at the end of the season.

Effective Date(s)

Payment may be made beginning in Pay Period 4L, paychecks dated 06/13/18. Payment will be made in a separate check. There is no direct deposit for this payment.

Eligibility Criteria

In recognition of the necessity for employees of the Office of Transportation Systems Maintenance in the Department of Transportation engaged in winter maintenance activities to be responsive to unscheduled call-outs, those employees who were called out ten (10) or more times during the period November 1, 2017 to April 15, 2018 inclusive shall receive a call-out-response payment as follows:

Responds To Receives
75% calls $225
85% calls $300
95% calls $500

Agency Actions

To pay the 2018 Call-Out Response Payment to eligible employees, including employees who are currently inactive but were active during the season, agencies must submit the following information on the Time Entry page or the Time Entry Interface (NPAY502) using Earnings Code COB:

Earnings Begin Date: Active Employee – 05/17/18
Inactive Employee – last date the employee was Active
Earnings End Date: Same as above
Earn Code: COB
Amount: Applicable Amount

Tax Information

The 2018 Call-Out Response Payment (COB) is supplemental taxable income, will be included in the employee’s taxable gross and is subject to all employment and income taxes.

Federal, State and New York City income tax withholding will be calculated using the Aggregate method, based on the employee’s current Tax Marital Status and Withholding Allowances on the Employee Tax Data page in PayServ. Yonkers income tax withholding will be calculated using the Flat Rate method. Yonkers Flat Rate Withholding is 1.61135% for Yonkers residents and 0.50% for Yonkers non-residents.

Note: We are researching whether additional amounts in taxes are being consistently withheld from Supplemental Wages in separate checks. We will communicate the results of our research once we have more information.

Retirement and Deduction Information

The 2018 Call-Out Response Payment is included as salary for retirement purposes. Deductions will be taken from the call-out response payment for normal retirement contributions, garnishments and federal levies.

Payroll Register and Employee’s Paycheck/Advice

The Earnings Code COB and the amount paid will be displayed on the Payroll Register. The Earnings Description Call Out Bonus and the amount paid will appear on the employee’s paycheck stub or direct deposit advice.

This payment will be made in a separate check regardless of when it is paid. The separate check will be issued with the employee’s regular paycheck or direct deposit advice based on information for that check date. There is no direct deposit for this payment.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Earnings mailbox.