Owner Name File Request Form

Request List of Potential Unclaimed Funds Owners

The Office of Unclaimed Funds produces a list that contains information about those who may be entitled to unclaimed funds. The list is searchable online or can be downloaded in delimited text format. The list includes:

  • the name and last-known address of potential unclaimed funds owners
  • the nature of the property
  • when and by whom the property was reported.

Dollar values are not included in the list.  State and federal law prohibit the disclosure of amounts or the taxpayer identification (social security) number associated with an unclaimed funds item. 

Not all unclaimed funds accounts are included in the list. For example, accounts reported without an owner name or address; accounts with a foreign address; accounts valued under $20; and older accounts recorded in book records (pre-1985) are not included in the list.  A search of the full database can be requested by Contacting Us.

How to request the list

Complete the form below to submit a request to download the list. After we receive your request, we’ll email you a link to our secure FTP site and provide instructions to download a zipped delimited .txt file. You can retrieve the file as often as you like.

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