Justice Court Fund - Town and Village Court Revenue Report Data Description

Data Source
  • Certified monthly reports submitted by town and village justices
  • Justice Court Fund system processing of monthly justice reports
  • Generally, December through November (report months processed in the calendar year)
  • Prior year report months (distribution corrections)
  • Reported
    • Violations of numerous: State Statutes; State Codes, Rules and Regulations; Local Laws; and limited Federal Regulations (seldom)
    • Disposition of cases and collected fines, civil fees, penalties, surcharges and forfeitures
  • Calculated adjudication fees
  • Distribution of prior year revenues (held by the State pending clarification for final determination)
  • Corrections to prior year distribution
Distribution Determination
  • Complex set of State Statutes
  • Uniform Justice Court Act §2021
  • Local laws