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DiNapoli: Foreclosure Filings Fall Nearly 50 Percent Statewide Since 2013

Foreclosure Rate in Most Counties Below 1 Percent

March 7, 2019

Mortgage foreclosure filings across New York dropped 46 percent between 2013 and 2018, from 46,696 to 25,334, according to a report issued today by New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli.

“The decline in foreclosures means fewer people are losing their homes and our municipalities are seeing some relief from the collateral damage associated with shrinking tax bases and neglected properties,” said DiNapoli. “While this is an improvement, the foreclosure crisis is far from over. To extend the progress we’ve made, New York must continue to support the programs and reforms that have helped homeowners avoid foreclosure and communities reduce blight caused by zombie properties.”

DiNapoli last reported on mortgage foreclosures in 2016 when New York state was experiencing high levels of foreclosure activity nearly a decade after the housing bubble burst. DiNapoli’s new report highlights improvements since then, based on an analysis of recent data from the New York State Unified Court System (UCS).

Most areas of the state have experienced substantial improvement over the past four years. As of mid-2018, only four counties — Clinton, Putnam, Rockland and Suffolk — had foreclosure rates over 1 percent, while 38 counties and three of New York City’s five boroughs had rates below 0.50 percent. The western part of the state continues to have generally lower rates than counties in the east.

This is in stark contrast to mid-2014 when the statewide foreclosure caseload was near its peak. At that time, 18 counties had foreclosure rates greater than 1 percent and four had a rate over 2 percent.

DiNapoli’s report credits a wide range of actions for tackling foreclosure problems on all fronts. For example, actions taken by the UCS have helped speed the resolution of pending cases. The UCS has been working to manage foreclosure cases more efficiently while continuing to ensure that both homeowners and financial institutions are treated equitably.

Since the onset of the nationwide financial crisis of 2007-2009, the Office of the State Comptroller has released several reports assessing mortgage foreclosure activity and its impact on local governments in New York state. The last report, titled “Foreclosure Update From a Local Government Perspective,” was issued in April 2016.

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