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State Comptroller DiNapoli Statement on Impact of a Late State Budget

April 1, 2021

“The economic effects of the pandemic on the state’s finances are widespread and some sectors of our economy may take years to recover. The state Legislature and Governor are in the process of finalizing a new state budget. Many New Yorkers are hurting, and it is important that a final agreement is reached quickly.

“We have alerted the Governor and the state Legislature that if a state budget is not adopted on Monday, about 39,000 state workers may have a delay in receiving their paychecks. These state workers are part of the state’s institutional payroll, which is scheduled for April 8. Many work in health care and correctional facilities, among other important areas. Many are essential workers who must show up at work every day and put in long, hard hours. For the workers that get paper checks or have payments set up on direct withdrawal, I urge them to be mindful of the impact of a late state budget on their personal finances.

“I am confident the Governor and state Legislature are working hard to get the budget done. Now more than ever, we need a spending plan that bolsters our economy, fights for those that are hurting and puts us on firm fiscal ground as this pandemic continues to linger.”

Background: The first state payroll in the new fiscal year is on April 8 for state employees that work at institutions. There are about 100,000 people on the institution payroll cycle. About 39,000 would be the first ones affected by an April 1 budget delay. The remaining 61,000 are CUNY and SUNY employees that are unaffected because their fiscal year starts July 1. The second state payroll is on April 14 for state employees at administrative and executive state agencies with about 146,000 employees.