Transaction Number Requirement

New Report Requirement

Starting July 15, 2024, a Transaction Number will be required in the PARIS Procurement Report.

Beginning July 15, 2024, State public authorities will be required to provide a Transaction Number for each procurement transaction in the Procurement Report. A field currently exists on the Public Authorities Reporting Information System (PARIS) screen and in the bulk load to capture Transaction Number. Completing the information will be mandatory, an asterisk (*) will be added to the left of the field name to denote that it is required. See examples below.

To remind users about this change, the PARIS screen will show a message on the procurement transaction page, and the new procurement transaction entry page.

On July 15, 2024 and thereafter, PARIS will not validate, and procurement reports will not certify, unless the field is completed by manually entering data on the PARIS screen, copying the previous year’s data forward, or entering it in the bulk load.

If a procurement transaction does not include a Transaction Number on the PARIS screen or in the bulk load, PARIS will not validate and will generate an error message that indicates “Transaction Number is required.”

Transaction numbers may contain up to 100 characters, including letters, numbers, and certain special characters. PARIS does not allow special characters:

&Ampersand =Equal sign
"Double quotes<Left angle bracket
'Single quote or back tick>Right angle bracket
|Pipe+Plus sign
/*Forward slash and asterisk%Percent
*/Asterisk and forward slash\Back slash
--Double hyphen  

PARIS and the bulk load will not validate and will generate an error message that indicates special characters are not allowed.

A Transaction Number should correspond with the authority’s own tracking system (omit any special characters not allowed in PARIS):

  • Competitive or Noncompetitive Contract: authority’s internal tracking number
  • Non Contract Procurement/Purchase Order: authority’s internal tracking number or vendor-provided number
  • Purchased Under State Contract: State contract number

Any questions or comments may be directed to the Office of Budget and Policy Analysis by emailing:

[email protected]

Example A: Where to find Transaction Number on the PARIS Screen

Screenshot of PARIS for Entering Procurement Transactions

Example B: Where to find Transaction Number in the Procurement Bulk load

Screenshot - Procurement Transactions Bulk Load Worksheet in Excel