EDSS - Contract Reporter Exemption Request Help

What information am I required to enter to create a new Contract Reporter Exemption Request (CRER)?

The required fields will be denoted with an asterisk, and you will not be allowed to continue in the EDSS application until those fields are complete. For more descriptive definitions about these terms, please see the Glossary of Terms.

If my original contract was or will not be submitted electronically, can I submit a CRER through EDSS?

Yes. Even if the original contract was or will not be submitted electronically, you can submit a CRER through EDSS.

What if there is no cost associated with my CRER, or if the cost is unknown at this time?

This field is optional. You can leave it blank if no cost applies to your CRER, or indicate that the cost is unknown at this time.

What if I do not yet know the Vendor ID for my CRER?

Leave the Vendor ID field blank.

What if my CRER includes more than one vendor?

Write “multiple” for Supplier ID field and then list the vendors and their Vendor IDs in the justification, or attach the Vendor Award list.

Why does it say "New" in the SFS CRERID field?

The system says NEW because this part of the SFS CRER ID is auto-generated when the OSC Auditor enters the CRER into the Statewide Financial System (SFS).

What are examples of acceptable price justification?

  • Solicited quote effort with at least three or more quotes
  • Cost vs. benefit in monetary terms
  • Purchases made by other state agencies
  • Purchases made by other states
  • Purchases made by similar facilities – (i.e. Open Book)
  • Discount from list prices
  • OGS pricing
  • Historical cost
  • Manufacturers published price list
  • Manufacturing costs plus profit
  • Cost comparisons similar projects, etc.
  • Average weighted bid prices or similar average costs in a region
  • A statement from the vendor documenting that such charges to the State are better, equal to or lower than that charged to other government agencies (used as a last resort if no other documentation can be offered to help demonstrate price reasonableness).
  • A description of the due diligence process
  • Comparison to similar regions, other providers, like entities or prior year costs

How will I know which documents to attach to support my CRER?

Depending on the type of CRER, a list of documents will display on the “Attach” page. These are only suggestions because the "Justify" page may contain all of the needed documentation. Attaching additional documents is not required. However, the option is available. Providing additional documents helps further support your request. (For example, a price list to support your price justification.)

Where can I find additional information about CRERs?

How should I follow-up on the status of my CRER if needed?

Please contact OSC at 518-408-4672 or email [email protected].

How can I find a CRER that isn’t appearing on the “Transactions in Progress” table?

Please contact OSC at 518-408-4672 or email [email protected].