EDSS - Create Users and Assign Roles

To help manage the account, you can grant access and delegate authority to other staff in your organization.

Your User ID and password is intended strictly for individual use. Never allow other users to log into the account with your User ID and password.

Creating users

If you enrolled as the State contracting entity, you will be prompted to add users the first time you log in. As the first-time user, by default you are designated as the Primary Authorizer, who can:

  • create and assign other users,
  • reset passwords, and
  • lock or unlock the account.

Basically, an authorizer is a user who has administrative control over the account. Users who are not authorizers may only perform certain tasks within the account, depending on their assigned role.

To make a user an authorizer, select the box for “Government Authorizer” on the “Add User” page.

Assigning roles

There are a different set of roles available to users. You must determine each user’s appropriate role assignment. Any user may have more than one role assigned.

  1. EDSS View Only - View Information, documents, and reports.
  2. EDSS Submitter - Submit Information and documents to OSC for review.
  3. EDSS Submitter Contract - Allows a user to submit documents for Procurement Contracts and Amendments to OSC for review.