Sole Custody Reporting

Annually, on or before March 1st, the Sole Custody Reporting web application will be open for agencies to report reconciled bank account information needed for the State’s annual financial statements. Agencies are reminded that all bank accounts under their administrative control must be reconciled at least monthly. Compliance with this requirement contributes immeasurably to accurate, complete and timely filing of required sole custody bank account information. For more information about Sole Custody Reporting, please contact the Office of the State Comptroller’s Bureau of Financial Reporting and Oil Spill Remediation (OSC BFR) at (518) 474-3277 or [email protected].

In addition, agencies are reminded that bank statement balances must be obtained and reconciled and the reconciled bank account balance(s) must be provided to the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance within 7 days of the succeeding month. Refer to the Guide to Financial Operations Chapter XIV, Section 4 - Agency Bank Accounts for complete information about agency bank accounts, reconciliations and reporting requirements.

Sole Custody Reporting Application

Existing Users

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New Users

To request an account be created, contact OSC BFR at (518) 474-3277or [email protected]. Once an account has been created for you, it must be activated before you can access the Sole Custody Reporting Application. You will receive two automated emails from the system. One email will contain your User ID and the other will contain a temporary password.