Payroll Improvement Project Bulletin No. PIP-004

Payroll Improvement Project – 9.2 Query Data Dictionary Available
Date Issued
July 31, 2020


The purpose of this bulletin is to notify agencies of the availability of a query data dictionary for use in revising and testing queries for PayServ version 9.2.

Affected Employees

PS Query users who write queries or who will test queries during the Payroll Improvement Project’s Agency Testing and Training period may be affected.

Effective Dates

The information in the Data Dictionary will be accurate in PS Query at Go Live. The Data Dictionary may be used for updating queries for version 9.2 immediately, and can be used in the version 9.2 test environment during Agency Testing and Training.


OSC is preparing to upgrade PayServ from PeopleSoft version 9.1 to version 9.2. As part of the upgrade, several custom fields will change. Some fields will be eliminated, have different values, or be replaced with delivered fields and/or fields on different records. The field and record changes may impact agencies’ saved queries in PS Query.

PS Query will be updated as part of the upgrade. Existing PS Query Locked Queries will be updated, tested, and migrated to version 9.2 by OSC. Agency queries designated by agency users will be migrated to version 9.2 but will not be tested and updated by OSC.

Agencies will have the opportunity to test their designated queries in a test database prior to Go-Live to determine whether the queries will need to be updated to work properly in version 9.2. It is the responsibility of query users to test their queries during Agency Testing and Training and update as necessary.

The Query Data Dictionary has been updated to reflect PayServ version 9.2 fields, records, and information. It also includes a crosswalk listing version 9.1 fields that have been updated in version 9.2, to assist agencies in evaluating whether their queries require updates.

Agency Actions

Agencies must review all of their queries designated for migration to ensure that those queries run correctly in PayServ version 9.2. Detailed information on renaming and designating queries for migration is located in Payroll Bulletin PIP-003.1 – Payroll Improvement Project – PS Query Updates and Migration.

Queries designated for migration will be available during Agency Testing and Training. Query users must test their queries at that time. Changes may be made to queries in the test environment, but changes made in the version 9.2 test environment will not be migrated to version 9.2. Users must test changes, make note of the changes, and update the queries in PS Query after Go Live.

If assistance is required in updating queries once Agency Testing and Training is underway, the agency must email the Query Help mailbox for assistance. Queries designated as Critical will receive first priority.

OSC Actions

OSC will update, test, and migrate all locked queries as part of the upgrade. OSC will replace the version 9.1 with the version 9.2 Query Data Dictionary at Go Live.


Questions regarding this bulletin or the query upgrade procedures may be directed to the Payroll Improvement Project mailbox. Questions regarding queries may be directed to the Query Help mailbox. Please reference this bulletin in the Subject line of the email.