State Agencies Bulletin No. 1420

New Procedures for Electronic Payroll Certification
Date Issued
September 15, 2015
Status Date
September 15, 2015


To inform agencies of the new process for online payroll certification.

Affected Agencies

All agencies are required to use the online process for all active agency codes. The current paper process will no longer be accepted after 10/20/2015.


The current manual agency payroll certification process requires each agency to submit a paper form to OSC certifying their payroll each pay period. A new electronic process has been created in the NYS payroll system (PayServ) to replace the paper process.

OSC Actions

OSC has developed a new Payroll Certification page in PayServ, which agencies can use to certify their payroll online. The navigation path for this new page is:

Main Menu>Workforce Administration>Job Information>Payroll Certification

OSC has created a job aid for agency use when completing the new online Payroll Certification process.

Agency Actions

Payroll Certifiers

Agencies must designate at least 2 payroll certifiers for each payroll. Certifiers must have the new agency certifier role added to their profile in PayServ. Agencies can prepare in advance for the 10/15/2015 go-live by requesting the new agency certifier role, NSA Certify Payroll Updt, from their Agency Security Coordinator immediately. When the request is submitted, it MUST include the new certifiers EMPLID in the comments box.

Note: Agency certifiers will only be able to certify payroll for agency codes they have access to in PayServ.

The AC2822 Form

Agencies must keep a valid AC 2822 form (Payroll Transaction Authorization Form) on file at their agency listing all valid certifiers for that agency, and the agency codes they are authorized to certify. OSC may request this form at any time to verify certifier eligibility.

Payroll Certification

Agencies must access the certification page each pay period and certify their payroll using the same schedule/cutoffs that are used today. Any payroll not certified before the payroll is confirmed will be considered late. Agencies must certify the payroll for all agency codes regardless of whether or not there are employees being paid within that pay period.

PS Query

Agencies will have the ability to query their certification data in PS Query.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Certification mailbox.