Auditing is a critical function performed by Auditors/State Program Examiners. Our audits ensure government operations are run efficiently and effectively for the benefit of all New Yorkers. Auditors/Examiners use innovative, cutting-edge technologies to analyze organizations and programs that touch every aspect of our lives, including public health, education, the environment, State and local government budgets, and more. 

If you want to have a direct positive impact on the lives of others, review qualifications below and apply. For more information about the application process for these positions, email [email protected].

How to Apply

Eligibility is determined using the Auditor/State Program Examiner questionnaire, as administered by the New York State Department of Civil Service. There is no written exam. Candidates complete a web-based questionnaire. Based upon this assessment, each candidate’s relevant education, training and experience will be evaluated and given a numerical score.

Candidates should complete all applicable sections of the questionnaire before submission. 

The Office of the NYS Comptroller establishes the Auditor/State Program Examiner eligibility lists monthly. Candidates may only update their response to the questionnaire every six months.

What You Need

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's or Graduate degree in Business Administration, Business Management, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems or related IT field, Public or Community Health, Public Policy, Political Science, Public Administration, Economics, Finance, Mathematics, Engineering, Criminal Justice or Statistics
  • Bachelor's or Graduate degree including 24 credit hours in Accounting and/or Auditing

Note: You may apply if you're within nine months of graduating and have completed at least 18 credits in your major. 


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