Join Our Team as a Local Government Auditor

Make a Difference in Your Community

Auditors in the Division of Local Government and School Accountability (LGSA) help Comptroller DiNapoli fulfill his role as New York State’s chief fiscal officer by providing  oversight and support for local governments and schools. 

LGSA auditors play a critical role in ensuring tax dollars are being used effectively and in the best interest of the communities they serve. 

While LGSA’s main office is centrally located in Albany, LGSA has regional offices across the State with auditors residing in various locations within or bordering New York State. 

Our team takes great pride in serving communities across the State.

Among other duties, LGSA auditors:

Perform on-site audits of local governments, schools and fire districts to identify fraud and opportunities for operational and program improvements.
   Proactively monitor the fiscal status of local governments and school districts to alert officials of potential problems.
Provide training to local officials on a wide range of topics including cybersecurity, property tax cap reporting, financial planning, procurement, and more.
Generally travel within their assigned region to offer on-site services and support to local governments, school districts and fire districts.
Collect and track funding and spending of local government entities using a wide range of technological tools.
Communicate with high-level government personnel.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must fill out the New York State Civil Service Auditor/State Program Examiner questionnaire with their relevant education, training and experience.

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Build a Career With Purpose

Career path for auditors with the division on local government and school accountability

The Office of the State Comptroller offers competitive salaries and benefits, and opportunities for advancement, continuing education and professional development. Our professional environment encourages employees to push themselves while maintaining work-life balance. 

LGSA auditors have diverse backgrounds and degrees. While a degree in accounting is not required, you must have completed 24 hours of qualifying accounting courses. If you have graduated or are within nine months of graduating from an accredited college, you may be eligible to apply for an entry-level auditor position where we will get you equipped with the skills and training you need.

While no advancement is guaranteed, this graphic reflects the traditional competitive civil service promotional path and current salary range as of December 31, 2022. A trainee may attain Auditor 1 within one or two years of hire. Audit experience or a master’s degree may qualify you for a more advanced position. 

Training and Development

LGSA auditors receive extensive training and work experience that fosters professional development (some work will qualify for CPA licensing). Training focuses on current trends and standards in the accounting and auditing profession, including providing diverse non-audit services, as well as skills that will help you perform your assignments and otherwise learn and advance.

The Office of the New York State Comptroller is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer