Online Services for Local Government

Account Code Look-up
  • Allows users to look up account codes used in governmental accounting and reporting.
Audit Search Tool
  • Allows users to search for audits by local government, year, class or county.
  • Provides user with a description of and a link to each audit.
Financial Data
  • Serves local government financial data from 1996 to present of two types of summary level data and expenditures by object.
Fiscal Stress Monitoring System Search Tool
  • Displays fiscal monitoring scores and other related information for cities, counties, towns, villages and school districts.
  • Provides the ability to filter and sort the online data display.
  • Links to detail data reports and self-assessment Excel workbooks for each local government.
Justice Court Ranking
  • Displays court ranking data for a selected time period and offers output to PDF and Excel.