Business Partners

If you are an attorney, hearing officer or court reporter who takes part in a NYSLRS hearing proceeding, or if you are an independent medical examiner, you may be considered a business partner. For additional information, please see the descriptions below.


One of the responsibilities of the Comptroller, as administrator of NYSLRS and trustee of the Common Retirement Fund, is to conduct hearings to review agency decisions affecting pension benefits. These hearings are conducted in compliance with the Retirement and Social Security Law (RSSL), the State Administrative Procedures Act (SAPA) and the Comptroller’s Rules and Regulations (2 NYCRR Part 317).

After receiving a request for a hearing, the NYSLRS Hearing Administration staff notifies the applicant, other interested parties and all business partners of the time and place of the hearing. Hearings are held across the state and may be conducted live, by video conference or by telephone, depending on the availability of the parties. For more information about hearings, including how and when they may be requested, visit our Administrative Hearings page.


The hearing applicant may choose to be represented by an attorney. Attorneys appearing on behalf of the applicants must be admitted to practice in New York State and registered with the Office of Court Administration. Attorneys representing applicants may register for Retirement Online.

Hearing Officers

Impartial hearing officers preside over the Comptroller’s hearings. NYSLRS hearing officers, acting as independent contractors, perform the duties of the Comptroller and are bound by the Comptroller’s regulations. Contracted hearing officers may register for Retirement Online.

Court Reporters

All hearings are transcribed in stenographical format by court reporters. At the conclusion of the hearing, the court reporter takes custody of the exhibits received into evidence and prepares a transcript of the hearing. The transcripts are returned to the Hearing Administration Bureau and a copy of the hearing record is provided to every hearing applicant at no cost. Court reporters under contract with the Retirement System may register for Retirement Online.

Independent Medical Examiners

An independent medical examiner (IME) is a physician who has not been involved in a NYSLRS member’s medical care. The IME examines the member and provides NYSLRS with a report based on that examination and a review of the member’s medical and employment records. They may also provide expert medical testimony at an administrative hearing about the member’s condition. IMEs may register for Retirement Online.

Retirement Online for Business Partners

Retirement Online provides self-service access to NYSLRS business partners. Registered business partners (hearing officers, attorneys, court reporters and independent medical examiners) will have immediate access to their hearing case schedules, due dates and hearing records. Automated email notifications will confirm hearing dates and notify parties of any adjournments. Business partners interested in registering for self-service should email the Hearing Administration bureau, or call them at 518-486-7015.


(Rev. 1/17)