Employer Seminars

Without your assistance, we would not be able to provide the benefits your employees have earned. Because we value your help, we are constantly seeking new ways to make your job easier. Our employer seminars are an excellent resource for retirement information, helpful tips and handy reference tools. We encourage you to take advantage of this service.


Employer Education Seminar

  • Learn about membership, registration, loans, transfers, withdrawals and service credit.
  • Receive guidance on the Elected and Appointed Officials regulation, Independent Contractor questions, provisions of Tiers 5 and 6 and post-retirement employment.
  • Receive materials and reference tools to assist you in your role as a participating employer.

For more information, email Employer Participation and Education or contact us at 518-474-0167.


Pre-Retirement Presentations, Individual Consultations and Information Tables for Members

We work with you to provide any or all of these services for your employees:

  • Pre-Retirement Presentations — Available to members within five years of retirement eligibility, these interactive presentations can vary from 1–2 hours, with the 2-hour format providing the most comprehensive information. Both feature PowerPoint presentations and enable your employees to:
    • Learn the essential elements involved in the calculation of their retirement benefit;
    • Acquire information on how and when to contact us to obtain their specific member information;
    • Ask general questions relating to their benefits during and after the presentation; and
    • Receive a detailed guide covering pension information.
  • Individual Consultations — Members can speak directly to one of our Information Representatives to receive specific retirement benefit information. You can request individual consultations for your employees as part of a pre-retirement presentation or as a separate service.
  • Information Tables — Your employees can receive general information from one of our representatives at your sponsored benefit fairs.

For more detailed information and requirements, email Diana Alfano or contact her at 518-473-0805.


(Rev. 11/18)