Membership and Enrollment

Changes in PFRS Employment

Membership and Enrollment

When a police officer or firefighter transfers or is promoted to a civilian or administrative position, the new service may not be creditable toward benefits in their 20- or 25-year special plans in PFRS. Members of PFRS should be made aware of this whenever they are offered a civilian or administrative job change which may affect their eligibility to continue in a PFRS 20- or 25-year plan.

If a PFRS member accepts employment in a title or position that is not creditable toward their 20- or 25-year retirement plan, but makes them eligible to join ERS, he or she may join ERS and transfer their membership and service credit from PFRS into ERS.

We strongly recommend any employees in this situation contact us before accepting the new position to be sure they understand the consequences to their NYSLRS membership.


Rev. 10/19