Order NYSLRS Forms and Publications for Employers

Most NYSLRS forms and publications are available on our website. If you need just a few copies, you can go to our Forms page or our Publications page to print the copies immediately.

To have a supply of NYSLRS forms or publications mailed to you:

  1. Email your order to Management Services

    Please include the following information in your email:

    • The name, stock number and quantity for each form or publication you are requesting;
    • Your name and phone number;
    • The name and location code of your employer; and
    • The address where forms and publications should be mailed.
  2. Fax your order to 518-473-4560

    Print the Forms Order form (RS1165), then fax your completed form to us.

  3. Mail your completed Forms Order form (RS1165) to:

    Office of the State Comptroller
    Attn: Service Desk
    110 State Street
    Albany, NY 12244

  4. Call our Service Desk at 518-474-3438 (No voicemail, please.)

Please allow two weeks for your order to arrive.


(Rev. 3/18)