Voluntary Credits and Deductions Program

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The Voluntary Credits and Deductions Program

Participating in the Voluntary Credits and Deductions Program (VCDP) is a convenient way to collect insurance premiums, union dues or other voluntary deductions directly from the pension payments of your retired NYSLRS members. The program also allows you to issue credits, if applicable, directly to NYSLRS retirees’ pension payments.

Bookmark this page for easy access to the resources you need to participate in VCDP. Here you will find training videos and guides on how to create and send files to NYSLRS, tips on file formatting and forms to update your organization’s points of contact.

Information for Current Participants

Already a program participant? Here are the resources you need for submitting deduction files and maintaining your business and technical contacts with NYSLRS.

Training Videos

File Creation

Using the Excel Template
Using Software for File Creation

Sending and Receiving Files

Receiving Files from NYSLRS (Outbound Files)
Using the Secure File Transfer


Participating in the Program

Your request to join the Voluntary Credits and Deductions Program will be subject to approval by NYSLRS. To ensure the security of retiree information, you will need to sign an agreement that will detail your responsibilities to NYSLRS and to your participating retirees, and follow NYSLRS’ established protocols for protecting this data.

To participate in this program, you must be one of the following:

A public employer in New York State:

  • The State of New York
  • One of its political subdivisions (for example, a county, city, town or village)
  • A school district or Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) 
  • A public authority or public benefit corporation

A State collective negotiating unit

An employee organization certified or recognized as the collective bargaining representative of all employees in the negotiating unit the NYSLRS retiree was part of prior to retirement (or an equivalent employee organization)

A federated community campaign or charitable non-profit organization which solicits funds for distribution among a substantial number of charitable non-profit organizations approved by the Commissioner of General Services

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