Employer Estimated Invoice


Your estimated invoice for your employer contributions for the current fiscal year becomes available every summer. 

Please do not send payment for your estimated invoice — it is for informational purposes only. 

If you have the Billing security role, we notify you when your estimated invoice is available in Retirement Online. Only employees with the Billing security role are able to access employer billing information.


How to View Your Estimated Invoice

To view your estimated invoice, sign in to your Retirement Online account. From your Account Homepage, click the “Access Billing Dashboard” button. After choosing your location code and retirement system (ERS or PFRS), click the “Estimated Invoice” link.

Retirement Online works best when viewed with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. If you use a different browser, your information may not display properly, or you may experience other problems.


Understanding Your Estimated Invoice

Your estimated invoice is just an estimate — please do not send payment when you receive it. Your annual invoice will be provided to you in November 2023. Payment for that invoice will be due February 1, 2024, or you have the option to pay a discounted amount if you pay by December 15, 2023.

The law requires NYSLRS to bill employers based on actual reported earnings from the last completed fiscal year.

Your 2024 estimated invoice is based on earnings reported during State fiscal year ending March 31, 2023. If you made adjustments to fiscal year end 2023 earnings before May 31, they will be included in this estimate and the final annual invoice that you receive this November. Adjustments to previous fiscal year earnings had to be made by March 31 to be included in this year’s estimate and final invoice.

You can review the Fiscal Year Earnings and Prior Years’ Adjustments that were used to calculate your estimate in Retirement Online under “Billed Data.”

The ‘divide by factor’ represents the 45 days of interest that would be discounted if you pay your annual invoice on or before December 15, 2023 instead of by February 1, 2024. This factor changes with the interest rate. 


Amortizations and Graded Payments

The Contribution Stabilization Program (CSP) and Alternate Contribution Stabilization Program are optional programs that allow employers to pay a portion of their annual pension contributions when due and pay the remainder over time with interest. The programs established a graded contribution rate system. Each year, the System graded rate will increase or decrease depending on the gap between the increase or decrease in the System average rate and the previous graded rate. Under the CSP, the rate moves by up to 1 percent. Under the Alternate Program, the rate moves by up to 0.5 percent.

When the Retirement System’s average contribution rates are higher than an employer’s graded rate, employers who have elected to participate in the CSP or the Alternate Program are eligible to amortize a portion of their invoice. In these circumstances, your estimated invoice provides the maximum amount you may amortize. Your estimate also shows the repayment installment on any previously amortized amounts.

When the Retirement System’s average contribution rate drops below the employer’s graded rate, employers who have opted into one of these programs are required to pay an additional graded contribution to offset future increases in their graded rate. If you are going to be required to make a graded payment when you pay your November invoice, it will be listed under the Adjustments section of your estimated invoice as an “Employer Graded Payment.” 


If You Need Help

If you have questions about your estimated invoice or for help accessing Retirement Online, such as password resets, call 866-805-0990 and press 1 to access the employer menu, then follow the prompts.

You can also use our help desk form and select “Employer Billing” or “Retirement Online Troubleshooting” from the dropdown.


Rev. 7/23