Fiscal Year Earnings and Prior Years’ Adjustments


You can view your NYSLRS Fiscal Year Earnings and Prior Years’ Adjustments in Retirement Online. These are the employee earnings and days worked reported to NYSLRS by your organization, as well as any adjustments that were processed, during the prior State fiscal year.

You can view reported earnings and adjustments that you have already been billed on (“Billed Data”) and you can also review earnings that you have not yet been billed on (“Pre-Billed” earnings).

Note: Your annual invoice and estimated invoice are based on reported earnings. We provided you a projected invoice last September as a budgeting tool for this fiscal year’s bill. The projected invoice was calculated based on anticipated earnings, so your projected invoice may not match your estimated or annual invoice for the current fiscal year.


Pre-Billed Fiscal Year Earnings

The Pre-Billed Fiscal Year Earnings Review page in Retirement Online allows you to view, year-round, the pensionable earnings you reported but have not been billed on yet. These earnings include any adjustments that were made during the current State fiscal year which ends March 31.

In addition, from April through May 31, you can continue to review pensionable earnings and prior years’ adjustments reported during the most recently completed fiscal year. Each April, we will ask you to review these earnings and adjustments and make corrections if needed, before you are billed on them (see If Your Records Don’t Match below). After May 31, any corrections would most likely appear as an adjustment on your next fiscal year’s invoice rather than the current year’s invoice.

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Billed Fiscal Year Earnings

The Fiscal Year Earnings page in Retirement Online allows you to see a breakdown of pensionable earnings that you are billed for, by tier, plan, option and member, for a given State fiscal year. For example, the estimated and annual invoices you receive in 2023 (for payment due February 1, 2024) will be based on the April 2022 – March 2023 fiscal year earnings you reported to NYSLRS.

The earnings that have been reported for members who withdrew, transferred, retired or died during the State fiscal year billing period (April – March) are also included. These earnings, referred to as decremented salaries, are pensionable earnings that are included in your projected invoice, estimated invoice and annual invoice calculations.

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Prior Years’ Adjustments

The Prior Years’ Adjustments page in Retirement Online allows you to see changes to previous years’ pensionable earnings for your location, by member. Adjustments occur when changes to previously reported earnings are entered into an employee’s NYSLRS account. These adjustments may have been made in Retirement Online or submitted on an Adjustment Report (RS2050).

Our service credit or retirement benefit calculation staff may also adjust earnings if they find mandatory service that wasn’t credited. This action results in a cost to you, the employer, for contributions owed on the earnings, plus interest.

Because you are billed or credited for adjustments, it’s important to review them to confirm they agree with your records.

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How to View Your Fiscal Year Earnings and Prior Years’ Adjustments

Sign in to Retirement Online. From your Account Homepage, click the “Access Billing Dashboard” button. After choosing your location code and retirement system (ERS or PFRS), click the “Pre-Billed Fiscal Year Earnings Review,” “Fiscal Year Earnings” or “Prior Years’ Adjustments (PYAs)” link.

Only employer contacts with the Billing security role have access to the Billing Dashboard. Your Security Administrator assigns the Billing security role to contacts who need to view billing information.

You can download Fiscal Year Earnings and Prior Years’ Adjustments data to an Excel spreadsheet. If you don't have Excel, please use our help desk form (select “Employer Billing” from the dropdown) or call 866-805-0990 (press 1, then 6) for assistance with printing.

Retirement Online works best when viewed with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. If you use a different browser, your information may not display properly, or you may experience other problems.

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If Your Records Don’t Match

Fiscal Year Earnings

If there is an error in either of the Fiscal Year Earnings reports (pre-billed or billed), you will need to submit an adjustment using Retirement Online.

If your adjustment will result in zero earnings or days worked, mail an Adjustment Report (RS2050) and an Adjustment Report Label (RS2050-A) instead of using Retirement Online.

(Note: if you are still using legacy reporting, refer to our Making Adjustments page for Legacy reporting. As a reminder, legacy reporting will no longer be supported after 2023.)

Prior Years’ Adjustments

If you disagree with an adjustment appearing on the report, use our help desk form (select “Monthly Employer Reporting” from the dropdown) or call 866-805-0990 (press 1, then 5).

These are a few reasons a prior year's adjustment might be listed incorrectly on your report:

  • Some adjustments are keyed into the computer system manually and there may have been an error in the employer location code that was entered.
  • The earnings entered were previously reported under a different NYSLRS ID for the member.
  • The earnings entered were previously reported on a monthly report by you (it is your responsibility to supply proof of this).

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If You Need Help

If you have questions or if you don’t see all the location codes you should have access to, call 866-805-0990 and press 1 to access the employer menu, then press 6. For help accessing Retirement Online, such as password resets, press 1.

You can also use our help desk form and select “Employer Billing” or “Retirement Online Troubleshooting” from the dropdown.


Rev. 4/23

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