Membership and Enrollment

Failure to Join

Membership and Enrollment

For employees who were required to join NYSLRS, but failed to do so, NYSLRS membership will be retroactive to the date the membership became mandatory. Their tier will be based on their retroactive membership date.

You will be asked to submit adjustments, either using Retirement Online or by mailing us an Adjustment Report form (RS2050), for all unreported service and salary from the date of membership to the date you first began reporting the member on your monthly reports.

Once these adjustments are posted to the member’s account, we will calculate any service credit purchase amount (contributions) due and instruct you to begin deducting payments from the member’s earnings. (We will also notify the member that deductions will begin.) In addition, you will receive a prior year’s billing adjustment (including interest) for the earnings included on the adjustments.


Rev. 10/19