When Employees Retire

Processing Retirement Applications

When Employees Retire

Retirement Notifications

When we receive a retirement application, we will notify both you and your employee, and we will confirm the employee’s retirement date. The following contacts will receive a letter, as well as a notification in Retirement Online: the payroll and personnel contacts, contact administrator and employer reporting submitter.

The notification to the employee will also confirm receipt of other documents submitted to NYSLRS and request any documents that are still needed.


Statement of Accrued Payments and Leave Credits (RS6221)

When we mail you the retirement notification letter, we will enclose a Statement of Accrued Payments and Leave Credits (RS6221) form. The Retirement Online notification will include a link to the form on our website. Please complete and submit the RS6221 form once final payments have been made to the employee.

We use the information on this form to reconcile the member’s reported earnings, ensure that allowable payments are included in the final average salary and calculate any additional service credit that unused sick leave may provide. If you don’t have some of the information requested, please note that on the form and submit it.

You can submit the RS6221 form by mail or by fax to 518-474-3510, but submitting the form through Retirement Online is the fastest, most efficient way to finalize the employee’s retirement.


Using Retirement Online to Submit the RS6221

Employer contacts who have the personnel security role can submit the RS6221 form using Retirement Online.

If you use Legacy Reporting:

  1. Complete and sign the Statement of Accrued Payments and Leave Credits (RS6221) form. If you do not have the form, you can download it. Fill out the form in your web browser then print and sign it, or print the form, fill it out by hand and sign it.
  2. Scan the form and save it to your computer as a PDF.
  3. Sign in to Retirement Online.
  4. Click the “Upload a Member Document” link on the Employer Account Homepage.
  5. Follow the steps to upload your saved version of the RS6221 form, specify the member’s NYSLRS ID or registration number, and click “Submit.”

If you use Enhanced Reporting:

You can provide the information requested on the Statement of Accrued Payments and Leave Credits (RS6221) through the enhanced reporting process. You would report a change in job status for the employee and then use the appropriate “Reported Earnings Codes” to report final payments, such as lump sum vacation and holiday pay, or unpaid sick leave. See the Resources section of our Enhanced Reporting page for more information.

Help with Retirement Online

If you are having difficulty signing in or uploading the RS6221 form, please call us at 866-805-0990.

  • For help signing in: press 1, then 4
  • For help uploading the form: press 1, then 2

As an alternative, you can send an inquiry using our help desk form.

If you have questions about your assigned security roles, please contact your organization’s Security Administrator.


Rev. 6/21