Estimate Your Pension

Use Retirement Online to Create Custom Pension Estimates

Most Tier 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 members can use Retirement Online to create NYSLRS pension estimates based on the salary and service information we have on file for you.

Creating an estimate is easy. Sign in to Retirement Online. From your Account Homepage, go to the ‘My Account Summary’ section and click the “Estimate my Pension Benefit” button.

You can:

  • Enter different retirement dates and beneficiaries to see how they affect your potential benefit;
  • Adjust your earnings or service credit if you anticipate an increase in earnings or plan to purchase past service; and
  • Save or print your estimate.

More than 90 percent of members can use this calculator. Members may not be able to use the Retirement Online calculator in certain circumstances, for example, if they have recently transferred a membership to NYSLRS, or if they are a Tier 6 member with between five and ten years of service. These members can contact us to request an estimate or use the “Quick Calculator” described below.


Use the Quick Calculator

System Upgrade July 15–29

Throughout this time, access the Quick Calculator during current Retirement Online hours of operation. For schedule, visit the Retirement Online sign in page.

Unlike the Retirement Online benefit calculator, which uses your retirement account information, the Quick Calculator will create a pension estimate based on the information you enter.

You will need to know your tier and retirement benefit plan as you enter information. You can sign in to Retirement Online to find your tier and benefit plan listed under ‘My Account Summary.’

Most Tier 2 – 6 members can use this calculator. If you are not able to use it (if you are in Tier 1 or in certain special benefit plans, for example), please contact us to request an estimate.


Rev. 2/23