Member E-News Archive — 2023

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December 2023

  • Help Us Go Green and Get Your 1099-R and Annual Statement Faster
  • Check Retirement Online to See Possible Changes in Pension Deductions
  • Vested: Qualifying for a Retirement Benefit
  • Give Your Retirement Savings a Boost
  • A Look Inside NYSLRS


November 2023

  • Retirement Online: The Fastest Way to Get Your 1099-R Tax Document
  • The 3-Legged Stool: An Approach to Retirement Confidence
  • Crunching the Numbers: A Short Guide to Retirement Calculators
  • Debt and Retirement
  • Where Are Your Important Documents?


October 2023

  • Know Anyone Looking for a Career with Purpose? Get the Word Out!
  • Use Retirement Online for a Pension or Mortgage Verification Letter
  • How School Employees Earn NYSLRS Service Credit
  • Retirees Can Use Retirement Online to View Pension Pay Stubs


September 2023

  • NYSLRS and Comptroller DiNapoli Visit the New York State Fair
  • COLA Information is Available for Eligible Retirees
  • Divorce Affects Other NYSLRS Benefits, Too
  • Use Retirement Online for Faster Service


August 2023

  • The 3-Legged Stool: An Approach to Retirement Confidence
  • Working After Retirement: Retiree Earnings
  • Protecting Yourself from Scams
  • View and Update Your Beneficiaries


July 2023

  • Requesting Additional Service Credit
  • Estimate Your Pension in Retirement Online
  • Direct Deposit Pension Payments
  • Retirement Online: Tools and Tips


June 2023

  • Designating Beneficiaries: An Important Decision
  • Common Retirement Myths
  • Your Member Annual Statement
  • NYSLRS – One Tier at a Time: ERS Tier 5


May 2023

  • Age Milestones for Retirement Planning
  • A Good Plan Can Ease Your Transition to Retirement
  • Divorce and Your Pension
  • Some Pension Payment Options Can Provide a Lifetime Benefit for a Loved One


April 2023

  • Retirement Online for Retirees Just Got Better
  • How Your Tier 6 Contribution Rate Can Change
  • Financial Literacy and Retirement
  • Becoming Vested


March 2023

E-News was not published in March


February 2023

  • NYSLRS Membership Basics
  • Why Your Retirement Plan Publication Is So Important
  • Compounding: A Great Way for Your Money to Grow
  • Keep Your Beneficiaries Current


January 2023

  • What is a Defined Benefit Plan?
  • Sex Identification and Your NYSLRS Membership
  • Welcome, New Members
  • Start Saving for Retirement