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A Message From Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli
About Your Membership
--Retirement System Membership
--Tier Status
--Contributing Toward Your Retirement
--Becoming Eligible for a Benefit
--Withdrawing Your Contributions and/or Your Membership
--Ending Your Membership
Service Credit
--Full- and Part-Time Service Credit
--Leaves of Absence
--Credit for Previous or Military Service
--Payment for Service Credit
--Applying for Previous or Military Service Credit
--Additional Service Credit for Sick Leave (Section 341[j])
Final Average Salary
Service Retirement Benefits
--Normal Retirement
--Early Retirement
--Retirement at Age 62 With Less Than 20 Years of Service
--Social Security Adjustment
Choosing a Payment Option
--Receiving Your Benefit and Filing Your Option Election
--Available Options
Items That May Affect Your Pension
--IRS Pension Limitation
--Borrowing Against Your Contributions
--Cost-of-Living Adjustment
Vested Retirement Benefit
--Eligibility, Your Vested Benefit and Filing
Disability Retirement Benefits
--Ordinary Disability
--Accidental Disability
Death Benefits
--Ordinary Death Benefit
--Out-of-Service Death Benefit
--Accidental Death Benefit
Receiving Your Benefits
--Applying for Benefits
--Challenging a Determination
Stay Informed
More About This Retirement Plan