Procurement and Contracting in New York

Vendor Responsibility

Complete a brief questionnaire to expedite registering your business as a state vendor, review documentation requirements and bid protest decisions or research vendors. 


Bid Protests

Comptroller DiNapoli believes in empowering people to raise concerns about State contract awards. Regulations made effective January 25, 2017, establish an administrative bid protest procedure to be used when an interested party asserts to the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) that the Comptroller should not approve a contract award by a public contracting entity. The Comptroller's independent review of bid protests, as well as state contracts, helps ensure fairness in State contracting and protects the interests of the State and its taxpayers.


Comptroller's Oversight of State Contracts

The independent review of contracts is a strong deterrent to waste, fraud and abuse in contracting. Comptroller DiNapoli provides annual updates on the importance of the Comptroller’s independent contract oversight to prevent procurement abuses in New York State.

Comptroller's Oversight of State Contracts (Last Updated March 2024)

Prior Reports
Procurement Stewardship Act Report

The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) is required to produce the annual Procurement Stewardship Act (PSA) Report. Pursuant to Chapter 317 of the Laws of 2014, the PSA Report now also includes data previously reported in the Office of General Services Emergency Construction Contracts Report and the Consultant Report.

The 2022 report covers April 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023, and includes:

You can generally search and sort the information provided in the report. State Finance Law, Article 11, Section 163, Paragraph 14 provides the statutory authority for this report.

Prior Reports
Prompt Contracting Report

The Prompt Contracting Annual Report provides information on the number of not-for-profit contracts approved timely and interest paid for late contracts, pursuant to the law, as well as recommendations for improving prompt contracting. New York State’s Prompt Contracting Law, Article XI-B of the State Finance Law, provides the statutory authority for this report.

2023 Not-For-Profit Contracting Annual Report

Prior Reports