XIV. Special Procedures

Guide to Financial Operations

XIV.14.G Maintenance of Capital Asset Records

XIV. Special Procedures
Guide to Financial Operations

Once the value of the general fixed asset has been determined, a consistent means of maintaining records should be applied. The following information shall be maintained:

  • Major asset class
  • Function and activity
  • Reference to acquisition source document
  • Manufacturer, model number, serial number
  • Acquisition date
  • Date last inspected
  • Name and address of vendor
  • Condition
  • Short description of asset
  • Purchase Order/Contract Number
  • Organization unit charged with custody
  • Location (department/division, facility, building number, floor)
  • Fund and account from which purchased
  • Quantity
  • Method of acquisition
  • Method of depreciation
  • Estimated useful life
  • Estimated salvage value
  • Date, method, and authorization of disposition
  • Economic life remaining
  • Percent utilized
  • Flood code
  • Historical code
  • Square footage
  • Deed number
  • Proceeds received upon disposition

Furniture and Fixtures and Machinery and Equipment should be aggregated by agency with each agency responsible for individual details.

Guide to Financial Operations

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