XIV. Special Procedures

Guide to Financial Operations

XIV.7 Monitoring Payments Made to Vendors

XIV. Special Procedures
Guide to Financial Operations


One important control in New York’s Statewide Financial System requires Business Unit staff to verify all payments made are valid. To help in this monitoring process, we provide a Payee Listing report (NYAP0621), which shows a listing of payments made to vendors.

It is important that designated Business Unit staff review the report regularly to ensure all transactions charged to your Business Unit are correct. It will alert your staff to errors that may have been made when the voucher was entered into the Statewide Financial System, or to improper transactions.

Reviewing these transactions is an important part of the State’s internal control system.

Process and Document Preparation:

This report lists all payments made by your Business Unit. It provides you with the following payment information from the voucher:

  • Vendor ID
  • Vendor Location
  • Vendor Name
  • Bank Code
  • Bank Account Code
  • AP Business Unit
  • Voucher ID
  • Federal Reporting Code
  • Check Number
  • Check Date
  • Creation Date
  • Amount

The navigation path to this report is:

Enterprise Menu>SFS Applications>SFS Reports>Accounts Payables>Payment Analysis>Payee Listing.


If you or your staff find a payment transaction which you did not authorize, you should immediately notify the Bureau of State Expenditures’ HelpDesk at (518) 474-4868.

Guide to Financial Operations

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