File Your Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire

Complete or update your Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire online. Filing online is the easiest and fastest way to inform State contracting entities of your business’s qualifications.

Benefits of filing online

  • Complete only one questionnaire for all future bids.
  • Update your questionnaire at any time.
  • View the status of your contract review.
  • Delegate user roles to employees.

Our secure online service includes all four types of questionnaires.

State Contracting Entities: If your prospective vendor filed the questionnaire online, you can easily view the completed questionnaire using the same online service.

How to get started

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To learn more, see The VendRep System.

About the review process

Documentation Requirements

The Vendor Responsibility Review Process

How to Conduct a Vendor Responsibility Review

How to Make a Vendor Responsibility Determination