State Government Accountability

The Comptroller's State Audit team performs financial and performance audits of New York State and New York City agencies, public authorities, public benefit corporations and contractors and verifies Medicaid claims submitted to the State for payment. Our audits are central to the sound management of State and City government. By monitoring State and City operations, and by stressing opportunities to improve accountability, reduce waste and enhance productivity, our examiners fulfill the Comptroller's responsibility to oversee the fiscal concerns of the State and the City. They also provide the Legislature and Executive Branch with an independent and objective view of how State and City government can operate more efficiently and effectively.

As a State Program Examiner you will have a unique opportunity to work with State and City senior managers to identify opportunities to improve taxpayer-funded programs. You will also play a critical role in ensuring that the taxpayers are getting fair value for their tax dollar. You will be responsible for communicating with high level government personnel and for performing detailed analysis of government operated program using the most current technological tools. Our audits cover a wide spectrum of topics and interests. For example, our examiners have reviewed:

  • The effectiveness of State programs designed to protect our environment.
  • The operations of public transportation systems.
  • Construction practices for bridges, highways and buildings.
  • Efforts to ensure that students in our school system receive a quality education.
  • The propriety of Medicaid payments received by health care providers.
  • Some of the largest computer systems in the country.

Our audits have identified millions of dollars in cost savings annually. Our audit recommendations are geared toward protecting the taxpayers' interest by ensuring that all State and City agencies operate efficiently, effectively and economically.

The list of possible audit areas is almost unlimited. In locations as diverse as the parks of Long Island, the prisons of the North Country, the transit authority in New York City and the colleges in Buffalo, you will use all the technical and communication skills you have acquired.

State Audit is committed to the future and the continued professional growth of our employees. Each of our examiners is provided with the tools, resources and the information technology he or she needs to do effective audit work. Examiners are assigned their own notebook computers with the latest software. Examiners communicate through an in-house Intranet and can access the Internet to do research, download files or visit websites to find useful information. Examiners are also provided an average of ten days of formal professional training annually. You will receive training in areas such as computer-assisted audit tools, electronic commerce, imaging, oral and written communication and audit techniques. In addition, our examiners can receive the qualifying experience necessary for the Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Information Systems Auditor and Certified Governmental Financial Manager licenses.

New examiners receive salary increases after successfully completing their first and second years in our traineeship program. And since State Audit employs over 200 examiners, there is opportunity for advancement for those who demonstrate the ambition and ability to handle supervisory positions.

At State Audit, your skills will be challenged and sharpened. We invite you to join us in the forefront of government auditing where YOU can make an impact!

For more information on positions with State Government Accountability or to apply, contact Kimberly Bott at [email protected] or 518-375-8202.

The Office of the New York State Comptroller is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer