Legacy Reporting

Making Adjustments to Earnings and Days Worked

Legacy Reporting

If you need to correct a member’s salary (earnings) or days worked, you should submit an adjustment report using Retirement Online (here is a sample adjustment report file).

Do not send payments with your adjustment reports. You will be charged or credited accordingly for the employer portion of all salary adjustments in a future annual billing. Also, you can’t use Retirement Online or the Adjustment Report (RS2050) to report an adjustment to a member’s service credit purchases (arrears) or loan payments or to adjust contributions. The contribution column should always say 0.00 for an adjustment.

You can also make adjustments by submitting a manual adjustment report rather than a file upload. You may find this easiest if you are correcting a single record or just a few records.

Adjusting to Zero Days Worked and Contribution Overpayments

If you need to make an adjustment that will result in zero days worked for the member, you must submit a paper Adjustment Report (RS2050).

Also, if you reported and paid more in member contributions than an employee owes, you can adjust reported information and request a contribution refund by submitting the paper Adjustment Report. Be sure to complete the section of the Adjustment Report that indicates whether the adjustment will result in a refund of contributions owed to the member. If you check yes, NYSLRS will begin the contribution refund process.

Please complete one paper Adjustment Report for each member whose reported information needs to be adjusted.

Completed Adjustment Reports can be emailed as attachments to NYSLRS Employer Reporting or faxed to 518-474-9898.

For questions about adjustments, use our help desk form (select “Monthly Employer Reporting” from the dropdown).


Rev. 10/23