Matter of Merton Simpson v. Department of Civil Service

Current or former New York State employees who are African-American or Hispanic may be entitled to part of settlement proceeds from the Matter of Merton Simpson v. Department of Civil Service.


The New York State Department of Civil Service administered a test called the promotion test battery from 1996 to 2006. A similar test was utilized in 1996 for some open competitive titles.

It was alleged that the tests had a disparate impact on African-American and Hispanic test-takers in a class action federal lawsuit named Merton Simpson et al. v. Department of Civil Service et al.

List of individuals owed a monetary award

Settled in 2011, the case resulted in monetary awards to class members. Individuals who never claimed their awards are listed here.

If you’re on the list, contact Attorney General’s Litigation Bureau at (518) 776-2300 to learn if you’re entitled to an award and how to claim it.

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